The Water Beetle

by Jonathan

This fly is one I have devised after getting some dark green straggle fritz and struggling to find something to do with it. In past years I have had some success with snails which I have tied using black plastazote foam.  I know that some waters do well with terrestrial insects and beetles blown on the water.  I have not come across a convincing pattern for a water beetle, which I know do get taken by trout.  The braid under body imitates the air bubble and the straggle fritz makes the legs when the overbody is pulled over. Leave enough foam after tying off to imitate the head.
This pattern should be fished on a sinking line with a short leader and long slow retrieves. Tie a couple up and give them a try and let me know if you have any success.

The Dressing

  • Hook  –   Long shank light weight  size10 (Kamasan 830).
  • Thread  –  Black.
  • Underbody  –  Orange/white Diamond Braid / Parton Body Czech.
  • Hackle  –  Black/Dark Green Straggle Fritz in open turns..
  • Overbody  –  Strip Black Plasazote 3-4 mm. Square.
    ( It is easier to cut from the block with a knife with a serrated blade. )

Kind Regards Dave C. and the Team

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