The Yellow Dancer

by Jonathan

The Yellow Dancer is a relative newcomer on the fly fishing scene.  It is a ‘sport’ of the original Woolley Bugger devised by our friends north of the border. It has proved to be a ‘must have’ fly on most Scottish still water trout fisheries. As is always the case it has spawned the usual derivatives, Black Dancer , Orange Dancer, and I expect in the fullness of time we will have the Highland Dancer. I had to resort to my favourite fishing magazine , Fly Fishing and Fly Tying to get the dressing. It is a straight forward tie if you do the proper preparation.

The Dressing

  • Hook – Kamasan 175 or similar , sizes 8 / 10.
  • Tail – White marabou with a few strands of pearlescent micro flash.
  • Body – Rainbow flashabou or similar.
  • Rib – Fine gold oval.
  • Hackle – Long yellow cock palmered.
  • Head – Gold bead to suit hook size.


Dave C. and the Team


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