The Buzzer

by Jonathan

This fly is the number one in my fly box. There is rarely a days fishing goes by without this little beauty being on my leader. It is easy to tie and uses the bare minimum of materials. The very basic fly can be tied using only a hook, black tying thread and silver wire with a couple of coats of clear varnish.

You can paint on fluorescent orange wing buds on the thorax, or tie in orange floss strips instead, you can tie in fluorescent red or green tying thread at the tail . All small trigger points designed to catch the eye of the trout. 

The other colours you can tie, and all have their day, are as follows. Olive,  red , orange and brown. There is also a slimmed down version known as the skinny buzzer usually in black or brown.


  • Hook Buzzer 10, 12, 14. (Kamasan  B100 for skinny and Roydlures for heavy.
  • Body Black tying thread.
  • Thorax Black tying thread
  • Rib Silver wire
  • Breathers (Optional) 
  • White floss

Dave C. and the Team


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