The Green Beast

by Jonathan

The green Beast is an old pattern devised by a gentleman called Alan Pearson. He enjoyed a reputation for catching a lot of big trout in small still waters. It is a simple fly to tie and I thought you might like to give it a try. Originally it was supposed to imitate aquatic beetle larvae but I think it is more likely to be taken for a damsel nymph. With this in mind it might be worth trying a rib of blue or green lurex.

The Dressing

  • Hook – Long shank 8 ( Kamasan 830).
  • Lead – wire underbody optional.
  • Thread -Green.
  • Tail – Green Cock hackle fibres fairly short.
  • Body – Green floss tapered to tail.
  • Rib – Silver wire. ( blue or green lurex optional).
  • Hackle – Brown partridge back 2 turns.

Regards Dave C. and the Team

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