The Prince Nymph

by Jonathan

This fly is a popular American pattern which is not tied to represent any particular nymph. It has found favour with quite a number of stillwater fly men here in the UK. The use of paired goose biots to represent the tail and wing is unusual but should not present a major obstacle in the tying. If you have difficulties the clipped wing Coachman is a good alternative and I will give you the dressing for that one also. Peacock herl is very fragile and I would recommend two strands wound on together with the tying thread for extra durability.

  • Hook – Wetfly  8-12.
  • Thread – Black.
  • Tail – 2 Goose biot ( black or brown).
  • Body – 2 strands Peacock herl.
  • Rib – Fine flat gold tinsel.
  • Hackle – Brown or Black Hen (2 or 3 turns).
  • Horns – Two slips white Swan or Goose biot tied in at head after the hackle is secured.

Clipped Wing Coachman

  • Hook – Wetfly  10-14.
  • Thread – Black.
  • Tail – None.
  • Body – 2 strands Peacock herl.
  • Rib – Fine gold/copper wire.
  • Hackle – Brown Hen( 2or 3 turns).
  • Wing – Tuft of white feather fibre. ( ½ length of body.)

Dave C. and the Team

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