The Humungus

by Jonathan

This lure has been around now for several years and at the moment is having something of a comeback. It has always been a good early season lure for the ‘stockies’. It was one of the first flies to use chain beads for the head. Once you have tied a couple it gets easier and is worth the effort.

  • Hook – Wet or long shank hook sizes 10-6.
  • Thread – Black 6/0.
  • Tail – Black marabou ( fairly sparse)
    Silver/gold holographic 6-8 strands.
  • Butt – Fluorescent green wool.
  • Rib – Silver wire.
  • Body – White micro fritz or silver lurex.
  • Hackle – Grizzle cock palmered.
  • Head – Chain bead in either silver, gold or red.

If you intend tying up several flies I would suggest that you tie on the heads in advance and secure them with either varnish or epoxy and give them time to set.

Remember the heads sit on the underside of the hook.

Regards Dave C and The Team

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