The Cats Whisker

by Jonathan

Today we will be showing you the Cats Whisker, a fairly modern lure for stillwaters.

Do not be put off by this fly’s flashy appearance. It is relatively easy to tie and can be very effective. It was always the first choice of my fishing colleague Ken until I managed to convert him to nymphing. He still sneaks one on when the going gets tough.

The original version was tied with the head from bead chain from the plug in the sink. I prefer to use a gold or siver metal bead and I dont think it matters which you use.

The popular colour chenille for the body is fluorescent green but orange and red are good alternatives. You will find the Marabou used for the tail and wing strange to use at first. Just remember to wet the base of the fibres and form a shuttlecock as shown.

You will find the fibres get everywhere, if you dont have a den you may have bother with the wife!



  • Hook long shank 6 / 8 /10
  • Tail marabou white
  • Body flourescent chenille – green / orange / red
  • Wing marabou white
  • Head gold bead or bead chain
  • Tying silk black


Happy Fishing

Dave Cammiss and The Team.


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