The Cormorant

by Jonathan

This fly has its origins in fly fishing competitions.  It is neither a nymph nor a lure but can be fished as either. Primarily a still water fly it can also be used on rivers and tied with  a silver or holographic body.  It bears more than a passing resemblance to a butcher , only with more mobility. 

The early patterns were tied with a body of peacock herl with a wire rib.  More recently you will see them tied with fine fritz or metallic bodies, usually silver.  This is because of the fragility of peacock herl.

The materials are very basic:

  • Hook – Heavy weight wet fly size 10 / 8
  • Tying thread – Black
  • Tail – Tag of Flour. Red wool / Floss
  • Body – Silver / Red wire
  • Wing – Black marabou
  • Wing flash ( optional ) – Red lurex

A good fly to have in your box, particularly if you do boat fishing.

Regards, Dave Cammiss and the Team. 


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