The Sedge Fly

by Jonathan

This pattern sits better in the water and either static or moving it does behave like a sedge. I even found that when it was gunged up with slime and sunk it still caught fish. I suggest you tie some up in 10s and 12s and and keep them ready in your fly box. I only wish I had some of these when I went to New Zealand earlier this year.

The deer hair patterns are more complicated to tie and create a mess when you trim them up and I feel are less effective.

The Dressing

  • Hook                Lt. wt. L/S 8,10,12,14. (kamasan 830.)
  • Thread              Brown.
  • Hackle              Blue Dun/ Red Game. Trim off the all the hackle fibres projecting downwards.
  • Body                Cream dubbing ( possum under fur) tied meaty.
  • Thorax            Cream Antron(optional).
  • Wing                 Cream antron ( I use Partons dapping floss.) 
  • Flotant             Mucilin or similar


Dave C. and the Team

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