The Vibrating Daddy

by Jonathan

This is not an accepted fly pattern (none of the experts have devised it yet). Over the years the use of vibrating rubber legs has become popular with some anglers. The early flies used flexi floss which did the job but were not as good as the modern materials. Their success on the stillwaters for browns and rainbows led to the development of Sili legs and Micro Rubber legs which give a lot more life to the fly. Both of these are readily available in a range of different colours.

The method demonstrated I have found to be the simplest to tie to get the legs to sit well on the hook. The use of colours on the legs and bodies is only limited by your imagination. I do find a ‘hotspot’ at the tail helps.

  • Hook  Long shank lt. wt 10                                                          
  • Thread  Brown/black                                                                       
  • Hotspot  Fluorescent orange/red/green floss                                    
  • Body  2 Strands of 4 ply nylon wool brown/black/olive           
  • Hackle  Long fibre cock hackle   brown/black/olive                          
  • Legs  Sili Legs/Micro Rubber colour to match body

Give this one a try and let me know how you get on !

Dave C and The Team

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