The Diawl Bach ( Little Devil )

by Jonathan

The Diawl Bach has been a popular fly in Wales for many years. In recent years it has become very popular on the stillwater scene throughout the UK. It is a reliable fly to have in your box for both rivers and stillwaters. The original pattern is simple to tie but as with every successful fly the experts  guild the lily and embellish it with extra features.

The Original pattern

  • Hook           Wet fly sizes 10, 12 and 14 medium or heavy weight.
  • Tail              Brown cock hackle fibres.
  • Thread       Black or brown.
  • Rib               Copper wire.
  • Body            Peacock Herl.
  • Hackle       Brown cock hackle fibres(bearded).

Popular Variants

  • Rib               Red, gold, silver or green copper wire. Red, gold, silver holographic.
  • Hotspots     Fluorescent head or thorax in orange or green.

I maintain the original still takes a lot of beating, but if you like let your imagination run riot.

Dave C. and the Team

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