The Pheasant Tail Nymph

by Jonathan

This fly can trace its origins back to Frank Sawyer the legendary river keeper on the Itchen many years ago. The original was tied with just cock pheasant tail fibres and copper wire. As is always the case, in the course of time, it has had many improvements. It is another old pattern which has been adopted by the Stillwater fishers and modified to suit their needs. It is a pattern which is well worth having in your fly box in a selection of sizes and colours.

A good fly on stillwaters in the larger sizes for trout but in the smaller sizes will take trout, grayling and chub in the rivers.


The Dressing

  • Hook Long shank or wet fly sizes 6, 8 ,10 ,12 and 14.
  • Tail Cock pheasant tail fibres.
  • Rib Copper wire.
  • Body Cock pheasant tail fibres.
  • Thorax Wool, brown, green,  orange,  olive or red.
  • Wing case Cock pheasant tail fibres.
  • Hackle Brown cock hackle fibres/ cock pheasant tail fibres.


Happy Fishing
Dave Cammiss and the Team.


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