The Woolley Bugger

by Jonathan

This is a lure which is equally effective in rivers and stillwaters, particularly for rainbows.
The most popular colours are olive, black, orange and red. Can be tied on longshank 8s, 10s, and 12s. For rivers I prefer a size 8 wet fly hook.
Early season on stillwaters a size 8 L/S olive fished on an intermediate line is a good starter. On my recent trip to N.Z. I had about a dozen rainbows to 3lb. in a fast river all on olive and orange woolley buggers on size 12 L/S in a morning session.
There is little new on the tying of this fly which we have not covered on previous lessons.


  • Hook –  L/S size 8, 10 or 12 – wet fly 8
  • Thread – To match body colour
  • Rib – Gold or Silver oval – Gold or Silver wire optional
  • Body – Black , Olive, Orange and Red Chanille
  • Tail – Marabou to match body
  • Tail Flash – Colour to match
  • Hackle – Henny cock, colour to match body ( long enough for 2 turns at head and 3 turns down the body )
  • Gold Bead – optional
  • Clear Varnish ( cement ) – for the head

Happy Fishing
Dave C and the Team

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